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Hazur Sahib, Nanded, India

Hazur Sahib

By Road

Nanded is 650 km east of Mumbai by road. It is about 4-5 hours drive from Aurangabad and 11 hours from Pune. Nanded Its about approximate 250 km from Hyderabad. Several passenger bus services operate out of Nanded providing easy overnight connectivity with all most every major city in Maharashtra. These buses are reasonably priced fairly punctual. The comfort level differs greatly from operator to operator. More over buses from state transport corporation are also available from the all major cities from Maharastra and Hyderabad.

By Rail

Sachkhand express is a special super fast train being stared from Amritsar to direct Nanded other wise many other trains are also linked with the railway network for the Nanded. Currently Nanded railway line is connected to Mumbai via Manmad and Hyderabad via Secunderabad The detail of train timing are given below. As the part of its constant endeavour to facilitate the smooth pilgrimage to the Takhat Sahib, the Management Board has facilitated the setting up of a computerized railway reservation counter.

The Gurudwara management board has provided the required infrastructure to the railway authorities for housing the railway reservation counter at the Gurudwara complex for online reservation facility. Very soon railway reservation will be done at Gurudwara complex itself.

More Detail

Railway Time Table

No. Name and Number of the Train Departure From Time Arrival Place Arrival Time
1 Sachkhand Express No.2716 Amritsar Morning 5:30 Nanded Next Day Evening 3:40
2 Sachkhand Express No.2715 Nanded Morning 9:30 Amritsar Next Day Evening 9:30
3 Punjab Mail No.2138 Firozpur cant Night 9:40 Manmad Next Day Morning 2:30
4 Punjab Mail No. 2137 Manmad Night 11:35 Firozpur cent Next Day Morning 6:10
5 Goa Express No.2780 Nijamudin, Delhi Evening 3:00 Manmad Next Day Morning 10:40
6 Goa Express No.2779 Manmad Morning 10:00 Nijamudin, Delhi Next Day Morning 6:00
7 Jehlam Express No.1078 New Delhi Morning 11:00 Manmad Next Day Morning 8:25
8 Jehlam Express No.1077 Manmad Night 11:50 New Delhi Next Day Night 11:50

Trains Passing From Manmaad

No. Name and Number of the Train Departure From Time Arrival Place Arrival Time
1 Devgiri Express No.1003 Manmad Night 2:30 Nanded Morning 8:30
2 Devgiri Express No.1004 Nanded Evening 07:05 Manmad Night 2:05
3 Tapovan Express No.7617 Manmad Morning 11:50 Nanded Evening 6:05
4 Tapovan Express No.7618 Nanded Morning 10:15 Manmad Noon

By Air

To reach Nanded by Air,we have Kingfisher Airlines service from Mumbai to Nanded every Monday,Wednesday and Friday at 10:25 hrs. Visit -
Nearest International airport to Nanded is Hyderabad about 250 KM and Aurangabad airport is 275 km from Nanded. Overnight bus service (deluxe coach) are available from Aurangabad to Nanded and Hyderabad to Nanded.

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